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Exhaust Fan: The laboratory should be well-ventilated and for this, Exhaust fan must be fitted near the ceiling of the laboratory for speedy removal of the west gasses to keep the laboratory free from polluted air.
First Aid Box: A first aid must be readily available in science laboratory for use during accident and emergencies.
Fire Extinguisher: Every laboratory should be equipped with two or more Extinguishers fixed at the convenient place and science teacher/ Lab assistant should be well versed with its use.
Eye Wash Fountain: An every wash fountain should available in laboratory. It is used in case of irritation of eyes caused by chemicals and fumes.


We need to follow some safety precaution in Physics lab

1. Handle the object carefully and cautiously especially those made of glass to avoid any damage.

2. Use gloves while handling hot objects and always test the temperature of an object before picking it up.

3. Do not touch live wire directly.


We need to follow some safety precaution in Biology lab

1.Care should be taken while handling of all dissection instrument like razor etc.

2. Does not touch broken glass with bare hands?

3. Never use finger to hold a part of the specimen while cutting.

3. Gloves should be worm while handling the stains.


We need to follow some safety precaution in Physics lab

1. Do not enter the science laboratory in the absence of teacher

2.Do not sit or lean or scrabble on the working table.

3. Do not try any secret experiment.

4. Do not inhale fumes of chemicals. If you want to smell the odour of a gas are vapour use your hand to waft a small sample of the gas towards your nose.


1. Always clean your seat before leaving the laboratory.

2. Always wash your hands before leaving the laboratory.

3. Always report any accident and injuries, mishaps immediately to the laboratory in-charge.