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Mayank Tiwari (Principal)

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Welcome to Army Public School Varanasi

The Army School Varanasi, was started on 03 April, 2001. The school took over the assets of the Gorkha Primary School, 39 GTC, Varanasi Cantt. On its rolls were the wards of JCOs/OR who were studying in Gorkha Primary School.

As no good English medium school was available in the Cantt area therefore a case was taken up with Army HQ (AWES) for opening of an Army School at Varanasi Cantt for fulfilling the educational needs of wards of Officer, JCO and OR of Defence personnel at Varanasi and also of neighboring Distts, of Purvanchal. Accordingly, the sanction for opening the school was accorded vide Army HQ (AWES) Letter No B/454712/AWES/CW-9 dated 18 Oct 2000.


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