Academic Calendar


Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Apr-2019 Academic session begins Summer Uniform
2-Apr-2019 (7:20am- 1:50pm)
5-Apr-2019 Vegetable Printing [Activity] (I-II)
6-Apr-2019 World Health Day Special Assembly (VI-XII)
Guidance Session-VIII (VI-XI)
Creative Writing (English) Holiday (I-II)
English Calligraphy Holiday
7-Apr-2019 Sunday Holiday
12-Apr-2019 Clay Modeling [Activity] Holiday
13-Apr-2019 Second Saturday / Ram Navami Holiday
14-Apr-2019 Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday
16-Apr-2019 Holiday
17-Apr-2019 Mahavir Jayanti Holiday
18-Apr-2019 World Heritage Day Special Assembly
19-Apr-2019 Good Friday Holiday
20-Apr-2019 Quiz (S)
Guidance Session-VII Holiday (I-II)
Quiz (J)
Parent Orientation for Class I & II
21-Apr-2019 Sunday Holiday
26-Apr-2019 Dressed to Impress [Fancy Dress Competition] (I-II)
27-Apr-2019 Creative Writing (Hindi) VI-XII Holiday (I-II)
Guidance Session-VI Special Assembly
Fancy Dress Competition(J)
28-Apr-2019 Sunday Holiday
29-Apr-2019 AWES Day & Annual Prize Distribution Special Assembly
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-May-2019 May Day
UT I (XII) Begins
3-May-2019 International Fire Fighter’s Day Special Assembly
Mock Fire Drill (I-II)
Show & Tell [Activity]
4-May-2019 Canvas Painting Competition (VI-XII)
Guidance Session-V (III-V)
Story Telling (English) Holiday (I-II)
5-May-2019 Sunday Holiday
10-May-2019 National Technology Day Special Assembly
School Visit (I-II)
11-May-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
12-May-2019 Sunday Holiday
13-May-2019 International Nurses Day Special Assembly
14-May-2019 World Mother’s Day
16-May-2019 Counseling Session-XII
17-May-2019 PTM- Results of UT I (XII) Working Day for Class I-II
PTM- Class (I - XI)
18-May-2019 Buddha Purnima Holiday
19-May-2019 Sunday Holiday
20-May-2019 Summer Vacation (20 May-30 June 2019)(Classes: I-VIII)
Extra class for classes IX – XII (20 May – 30May 2019)
In service Teachers Training
(20 May- 25 May)
26-May-2019 Sunday Holiday
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
2-Jun-2019 Sunday Holiday
5-Jun-2019 Eid-ul-fitr* Holiday
8-Jun-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
9-Jun-2019 Sunday Holiday
16-Jun-2019 Sunday Holiday
21-Jun-2019 International Yoga Day
23-Jun-2019 Sunday Holiday
30-Jun-2019 Sunday Holiday
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Jul-2019 School Reopens (Classes I-XII) (7:20am -1:50pm)
5-Jul-2019 Colour of the Rainbow (I-II)
6-Jul-2019 [ Colouring Activity]
House meeting for students (VI-XII)
Musical Chair (III-V)
Holiday (I-II)
7-Jul-2019 Sunday Holiday
11-Jul-2019 World Population Day Special assembly
12-Jul-2019 Tree Plantation[Activity] (I-II)
13-Jul-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
14-Jul-2019 Sunday Holiday
16-Jul-2019 Counseling Session-X
19-Jul-2019 Fun Races (I-II)
20-Jul-2019 Investiture Ceremony Holiday (I-II)
21-Jul-2019 Sunday Holiday
22-Jul-2019 UT I (I-XI) begins
26-Jul-2019 Kargil Day Special Assembly
27-Jul-2019 Hindi debate(S) Working day (I-II)
28-Jul-2019 Sunday Holiday
30-Jul-2019 Inter House Badminton Tournament
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
2-Aug-2019 Rakhi Making Competition (I-II)
3-Aug-2019 English Debate (VI-XI)
Rakhi Making Competition (III-V)
Holiday (I-II)
4-Aug-2019 Sunday Holiday
9-Aug-2019 Hand Writing Competition
11-Aug-2019 Sunday Holiday
12-Aug-2019 Eid-ul-Zuha* Holiday
15-Aug-2019 Independence Day/ Rakshabandhan
16-Aug-2019 Spellathon [Activity] (I-II)
17-Aug-2019 PTM- Result of UT-I Class (I - XI) Working day for I – II
18-Aug-2019 Sunday Holiday
19-Aug-2019 Counseling Session-XI
23-Aug-2019 Janamashtami Celebration (I-II)
24-Aug-2019 Janamashtami Holiday
25-Aug-2019 Sunday Holiday
28-Aug-2019 Sanskrit Week
30-Aug-2019 Card Making [Activity] Special Assembly (I-II)
31-Aug-2019 Inter House Basketball (VI- XI)
Katha Vachan Competition(J) Holiday (I-II)
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Sep-2019 Sunday Holiday
5-Sep-2019 Teacher’s Day
6-Sep-2019 World First Aid Day Special Assembly(I-II)
kavita vachan
7-Sep-2019 PTM- (Classes I-XI) Working Day for Class I &II
8-Sep-2019 Sunday Holiday
10-Sep-2019 Moharrum Holiday
14-Sep-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
15-Sep-2019 Sunday Holiday
16-Sep-2019 Mid term Examination ( Classes I-XII) begins
22-Sep-2019 Sunday Holiday
23-Sep-2019 World Heart Day/World Clean-up Day Special Assembly
26-Sep-2019 Inter House Boxing
27-Sep-2019 Guidance Session-VI
Brain Teaser (Quiz Competition) (I-II)
28-Sep-2019 Group Song competition(S) (VI-XI)
Solo Dance Competition(J) (III-V)
Holiday (I-II)
29-Sep-2019 Sunday Holiday
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Oct-2019 International Day of Elderly Special Assembly
2-Oct-2019 Gandhi Jayanti Holiday
3-Oct-2019 Inter House Volleyball Tournament
4-Oct-2019 Best out of waste (Activity)
5-Oct-2019 PTM- Result Mid Term ( Class I -XII) (I-II)
Working day for I – II
6-Oct-2019 Autumn Break Holiday
7-Oct-2019 (7Oct-09Oct) Holiday
8-Oct-2019 Vijaya Dashmi Holiday
9-Oct-2019 Holiday Holiday
10-Oct-2019 Revision test I (X) & (XII) Begins
11-Oct-2019 Ludo/Carrom [Indoor Activity] (I-II)
12-Oct-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
13-Oct-2019 Sunday Holiday
14-Oct-2019 Disaster Reduction Day Special Assembly
15-Oct-2019 Practice for Annual Function begins
19-Oct-2019 Working day (I-II)
20-Oct-2019 Sunday Holiday
21-Oct-2019 Guidance Session-IX
26-Oct-2019 Diwali Holidays
27-Oct-2019 (26 Oct-29 Oct) Holiday
28-Oct-2019 Diwali Holiday
29-Oct-2019 Diwali Holiday
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
2-Nov-2019 Working day (I-II)
3-Nov-2019 Sunday Holiday
4-Nov-2019 School Timing (8:00am - 2:20pm) Winter Uniform
9-Nov-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
10-Nov-2019 Sunday Holiday
12-Nov-2019 Guru Nanak Jayanti Holiday
14-Nov-2019 Children’s Day
15-Nov-2019 Annual Function (tentative)*
16-Nov-2019 International Student’s Day Special Assembly
Poem Recitation/ English Extempore (III-V)
Working day (I-II)
17-Nov-2019 Sunday Holiday
18-Nov-2019 PTM – Result of Revision test I (X & XII)
Pre board I ( CLASS X & XII)
22-Nov-2019 Know your school & city [Activity] (I-II)
23-Nov-2019 English Declamation(S) (VI-XI)
Inter House Hindi Kavya Path/Extempore (Junior) (III-V)
Working day(I-II)
24-Nov-2019 Sunday Holiday
29-Nov-2019 Story Telling Activity [English] (I-II)
30-Nov-2019 Inter House Football Tournament & Card Making Competition (III-V) (VI-XI) & Working day (I-II)
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Dec-2019 Sunday Holiday
3-Dec-2019 World Conservation Day/ Special Assembly
6-Dec-2019 Katha Vachan Competition (I-II)
7-Dec-2019 PTM – Result of Pre- board I (X & XII) Working day (I-II)
8-Dec-2019 Sunday Holiday
9-Dec-2019 UT-II ( Class I- XII) begins
13-Dec-2019 World Energy Day Special Assembly
14-Dec-2019 Second Saturday Holiday
15-Dec-2019 Sunday Holiday
16-Dec-2019 Vijay Divas Special Assembly
Revision test II (X) & (XII) begins
19-Dec-2019 Inter House Kabaddi (Boys) (VI- XI)
20-Dec-2019 Enact on an advertisement of your choice [Activity] (I-II)
21-Dec-2019 Model Making Competition (All subjects) (VI- XII)
Enact on an advertisement of your choice competition (III-V) Working day (I-II)
22-Dec-2019 Sunday Holiday
24-Dec-2019 Christmas Celebration/ Special Assembly
25-Dec-2019 Christmas Day Holiday
27-Dec-2019 Athletic Events (I-II)
28-Dec-2019 Result U.T-II ( Classes I – XII) Working day (I-II)
29-Dec-2019 Sunday Holiday
30-Dec-2019 Winter Vacation Holiday
(30 December – 05 Jan 2020) Holiday
Extra classes IX-XII Holiday
31-Dec-2019 Holiday
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Jan-2020 Holiday
2-Jan-2020 Holiday
3-Jan-2020 Holiday
4-Jan-2020 PTM -Result of Revision test II(X)& (XII)
Picnic Class X Holiday
5-Jan-2020 Sunday Holiday
6-Jan-2020 School Reopens Winter Uniform
Pre-Board-II (Class-X&XII) begins
11-Jan-2020 Second Saturday Holiday
12-Jan-2020 Sunday Holiday
13-Jan-2020 National Youth Day Special Assembly
15-Jan-2019 Makar Sankranti*
16-Jan-2020 Pre-Annual (I-IX & XI) (I-II)
17-Jan-2020 PTM-Result of Pre-Board-II (Class-X&XII) Working day I-II
Rendition [Poem Recitation Activity] Holiday
18-Jan-2020 Picnic- Class XII
PTM- Class (I-XI)
19-Jan-2020 Sunday
20-Jan-2020 Revision test-III (Class-X&XII) begins
24-Jan-2020 National Girl Child Day Special Assembly
Movie Show (I-II)
25-Jan-2020 Republic Day Working day I-II
26-Jan-2020 Sunday Holiday
28-Jan-2020 Data Protection Day Special Assembly
29-Jan-2020 Basant Panchami Special Assembly
30-Jan-2020 Inter House Kho-Kho (Girls) (VI-XI)
31-Jan-2020 Rachna [Art Competition] (I-II)
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Feb-2020 PTM-Result of Revision test- III (X & XII)
Flower Arrangement & Rangoli Making
Working day I-II
Picnic (I-II)
Farewell (Class-XII)
2-Feb-2020 Sunday Holiday
3-Feb-2020 Pre-board III (Class X &XII)
7-Feb-2020 Picnic Class III
Solo Dance Competition (I-II)
8-Feb-2020 Second Saturday Holiday
9-Feb-2020 Sunday Holiday
10-Feb-2020 Annual Exam begins (Classes IX & XI)
14-Feb-2020 Picnic (Class IV)
Group Song Competition (I-II)
15-Feb-2020 PTM-Result of Pre-board –III-Class X & XII (Annual) Working day
Picnic (Class V) (I-II)
16-Feb-2020 Sunday Holiday
20-Feb-2020 World Day of Social Justice Special Assembly
21-Feb-2020 Maha Shivaratri Holiday
22-Feb-2020 PTM- Result of class –IX & XI Working day (I-II)
23-Feb-2020 Sunday Holiday
28-Feb-2020 National Science day Special Assembly
29-Feb-2020 Working day (I-II)
Date (DD-MMM-YYYY) Title Description
1-Mar-2020 Sunday Holiday
2-Mar-2020 New session(2020-21) for class X &XII begins
Board Exam of class X- XII(As per CBSE Schedule)
Annual Exam (Classes I-VIII)
6-Mar-2020 International Women’s Day Special Assembly
7-Mar-2020 Second Saturday Holiday
8-Mar-2020 Sunday Holiday
9-Mar-2020 Holiday
10-Mar-2020 Holi Holiday
11-Mar-2020 Holiday
15-Mar-2020 Sunday Holiday
22-Mar-2020 Sunday Holiday
25-Mar-2020 PTM- Result of Annual Examination (Class I to VIII)
29-Mar-2020 Sunday Holiday