School Library: -

Time to Ponder Endowed with extensive facilities, the school library is open an all working days to enhance knowledge and intellect among students. Embellished with books and magazines, all the branches of engineering, foundation sciences, communicative English , computers and management and many more; this abode has facility for internet to have access to National, International Journals.

Computer Lab: -

To do the left-right-left with the volatile requirements of the present, future scenario, the school computer lab has been set up along with the large conduit of Core i3& Core 2 Dual supported by fiber optic backbone and all commonly used software .

Other Facilities:-

The concept of holistic academic development is concretized into the various platforms of labs IT, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab , Biology Lab and Math Lab, Linguistic Lab, Herbal Garden a huge playground, a basketball court, volleyball court, Football ground décor the ambience of the school.


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